Welcome to Sharp Phones

If you’re having a hard time getting a contract phone because of bad credit, know that you’re not alone in your struggle. Thousands of customers across UK are experiencing the same thing. Because the risks involved are higher when you have a poor credit history, most carriers will likely reject your application. That is where we come in. If you’ve ever been rejected for a contract phone, we’re here to offer you a convenient and irresistible solution.

Who is Sharp Phones?
Sharp Phones is your dependable and trusted partner when it comes to the best bad credit mobile phone deals available in the UK. We’ve established this brand for the sole purpose of helping customers who struggle to get approved for a contract phone avail one hassle-free. At Sharp Phones, our mission is to make sure that every mobile user who needs an affordable contract phone gets one regardless of their credit history. With key partners including Phonesworld.co.ukPhonesworld.co.uk working hand in hand with us, you can count on us to hook you up to the best phone deal available in the market every time.

What We Do?

At Sharp Phones, providing quick access to a wide array of bad credit mobile phone deals is what we do best. We offer phone deals with a 24-month contract. Like a typical contract phone, customers can choose a handset in combination with a phone tariff inclusive of call, text and data allowance. Rather than reject applications because of bad credit, we have a team of specialists who’ll help you find a suitable deal perfect for your monthly phone service needs.

Why Bad Credit Phones?

In order to cater to the part of the market that usually gets rejected by major carriers, Sharp Phones partnered with the best suppliers in the market to provide customers with bad credit phones. These deals work just like a typical contract phone only better because it does not require any credit check. Even if you have a poor credit score and you’ve been rejected a contract deal elsewhere, you’re sure to get approved with bad credit phones. Click here for more info on these deals.

Why Choose Us?

With years of experience under our belt, we are able to set us apart from the competition by ensuring that our customers always get the best end of the deal. We do this by creating a team of experts scouting the market for the best bad credit mobile phones. Not only do we provide customers convenient access to a wide selection of contract phone deals but we guarantee same day processing as well.

Are You Eligible?

To be eligible for a bad credit mobile phone, the requirements are pretty simple. You must be of legal age, a UK resident and you must provide proof of income. There are no guarantors or other security needed. You don’t even have to worry about your bad credit score getting in the way. If you meet the eligibility criteria, you’re welcome to apply immediately and get approved in a matter of hours.