Comparing Bad Credit Mobile Phone Deals

Considering that bad credit phone contracts come with a lengthy contract term, you need to make sure you find a deal that lets you enjoy all the advantages a contract phone can offer. To do that, you need to take your time comparing deals and checking out different carriers in order to get the most out of the deal. Here are some tips to keep in mind when comparing bad credit phones:

1. Phone offers

If you’re after a specific handset then one of the first things you need to check out is the selection of handsets your provider offers. Keeping in mind that you have a poor credit score, phone offers may be limited. It would be best to compare carriers accordingly so you can get the handset that you want included in your contract plan. In case you need help with choosing your handset, here’s a useful guideline from CNET that can help.

2. Carrier Coverage

Before you pick a carrier, make sure you also assess your carrier’s coverage particularly in your area. Remember that some carriers may have strong coverage in certain areas but not throughout UK. You should pick one that will give you the best coverage to fully enjoy your monthly phone services.

3. Reliability of Service

Other than coverage, you should also make sure that your carrier offers reliable service. Opt for a carrier known for their excellent customer service. Because you’re applying for a contract phone, chances are high you’ll be calling customer service from time to time.

4. Hidden Fees

To avoid overspending on your phone bill, be sure to ask about hidden fees before you close and sign a contract phone deal. You can call customer service for more details about such fees. Or you can also go the extra mile and read the fine print.

5. Customer reviews

Another great way to effectively and efficiently compare your options is to read customer reviews or ask for recommendations. By reading customer reviews, you’ll know through other people’s experience how satisfying a carrier’s services are.